Trustmar Inc. specialized for over 15 years to offering everything needed for international students wishing to study English in Florida (USA). For both short term courses to annual programs in any of the prestigious, language schools, colleges or universities with which we have collaboration agreements. For young students or adults wanting to learn in a country with many opportunities.

We know it is not easy to decide to go to another country to find improvement, personal and career growth, for us and for our children. Trustmar Inc. works very hard to give accommodation where students ensure a cozy, family atmosphere at all times providing the support and care they need. Ensuring the quality and safety in learning the language, the country and its customs.

Our headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in an area that offers a wealth of activities and businesses; also provides an excellent climate all year round.

Unlike other companies, or agencies for students who are located in the city, WE ARE PRESENT ON THE PLACE OF DESTINATION


TRUSTMAR, Inc. International Student Hosting


Who we are

María P. García


“Our focus is to reduce stress significantly, in the process of finding the best accommodation and college for you or your child. We focus on wellness and comfort of the student so that he feels at home..”

Maria is your main person, she provides ongoing support to students both educationally and psychologically, as well as host families, to ensure a satisfying experience. Founder and entrepreneur with the goal of providing high quality services.

María Valenzuela

Director of Student

“We look for the best educational program and the best accommodation to suit your needs. Besides learning English, you will learn the customs, culture, entertainment, and great landscapes of Florida and live with people from all over the world”

Graduated with an International Business Major at Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida, with over 7 years experience working with students and organizing bilingual summer camps.

Mónica Kennedy

Director for

“We know that the success of our students stay begins with the support of families. We care, we listen, we advise and support you during your stay or that of your children.”

Graduated with Business Administration Major and an Aviation Minor at Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida, Monica is responsible for ensuring that all policies and procedures are met at all times.

Jorge Kirschner


“Our personalized trips are a unique and exclusive product of Trustmar Inc. and is intended to give our customers and friends an unforgettable experience without sacrificing comfort.”

Jorge is an economist and speaks five languages and has a deep knowledge of international cuisine. He will advise and customize your trips, he takes the first step in making your dreams come true, as every traveler has their own tastes and desires.


Our Students.


There is no typical host family. You will meet with families of very different structures, such as, large families, families without children, single parents and two-parent families, families in which both parents work outside and others, in which, one parent is at home keeping house.
Sometimes families will be young, and other times, foster parents whose children have left home and wish to have back at home young people to share their daily lives. You'll also find families of different races and religion.
The student will meet with the coordinator whose role is to assist and support international students, in addition to, introducing them to the host families.
If you will accompany the student to help him/her settle, or will visit during your stay in Fort Lauderdale, you will have to find a way to organize your own accommodation, however, Trustmar Inc. can help you find accommodation.
All international students must have health insurance. We can help you purchase insurance for your stay in Florida, email us
It depends on the countries of origin. The schools we work with are trained to resolve this issue, depending on the duration of the course you attend, they, themselves, may provide you the VISA that applies to your specific needs.
If there is any conflict between the student and the host family that can not be resolved, we will seek another family for the student.
If you have any doubt arises please click here


Fort Lauderdale is known as "The Venice of America and as the capital of the world private yachts".

Fort Lauderdale is centrally located between Miami and Palm Beach, approximately 23 miles north of Miami and 42 miles south of Palm Beach. Is one of the business centers of greater importance, whose structures, health, cultural and recreational are of the most accredited of the country. Florida is without a doubt one of the most exciting cities of the United States with real lush landscapes and beaches. Its climate, the kindness and sympathy of the inhabitants, attractions and natural parks as well as their coastal villages make Florida is a very attractive destination.

There are two significant museums in Fort Lauderdale. The Stranahan House lies just south of Las Olas Boulevard and is the oldest home in the city. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it functions as a museum of local history. Three blocks west and one block north of the end of Las Olas Boulevard is the Museum of Discovery and Science, where visitors can experience simulated hurricane-force winds, pilot a DC-9 simulator, or fly like a bird in a giant wind tunnel.


Lauderdale by the Sea, FL.
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